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profit scramble, the wild days of imcorrelated
" business " are over for ever.
And again though he realises and states very
clearly that governments are made for man and
not man''for governments, though he applauds
the great declarations of the Convention that
created the American Constitution, wherein
" we the people of the United States " overrode
the haggling of the separate states and established
the American Federal Constitution, nevertheless
he is curiously chary of superseding any existing
legal governments in the present world. He is
chary of talking of " We the people of the
world ". But many of us are coming to realise
that all existing governments have to go into the
melting pot, we believe that it is a world revolu-
tion which is upon us, and that in the great
struggle to evoke a Westernised World Socialism,
contemporary governments may vanish like
straw hats in the rapids of Niagara. Mr Streit,
however, becomes extraordinarily legal-minded
at this stage. I do not think that he realises the
forces of destruction that are gathering and so I
think he hesitates to plan a reconstruction
upon anything like the scale that may become
He evades even the obvious necessity that under
a Federal Government the monarchies of Great